Brother, minister, son, praise and worship leader, and intercessor. These roles only scratch the surface when it comes to Pastor D. Jakolby Washington, lead vocalist on the Freedom to Worship album, and the visionary behind JudahLYFE Ministries. Known to everyone as Derrick, and confident in God to identify himself as a worshiper, Pastor Washington has a mind to lead and a heart to serve God’s people. The Florida- native says that he grew up as a “drug baby.” His grandmother didn’t take him to church—she drug him to church. Even still, his upbringing has shaped him into the man he is today: a man with an unapologetic faith, a passion for the preached word, and overall radical pursuit of God’s heart in worship.
After graduating from St. Leo University, he relocated to Washington D.C. in 2006 to further pursue his education and received a Masters in Social Work from the Howard University. While on the path to pursue a Masters of Divinity at Howard University, an even greater purpose was coming together—right before him. In 2010, Pastor Washington launched JudahLYFE Ministries, a body of believers devoted to praise and worship unto God. On August 21, 2010, Pastor D. Jakolby Washington and the JudahLYFE team lead a full congregation in praise and worship through music, dance, and intercession to capture and share God’s heart with the world. This experience led to the 10 track debut album by Pastor D. Jakolby Washington & JudahLYFE entitled Freedom to Worship.
Pastor D. Jakolby & JudahLYFE minister at churches and community events throughout the DC metro area. In addition to Freedom to Worship, Pastor Washington launched a corporate prayer line that reaches callers throughout the nation and as far as Canada. Through all of these projects Pastor Washington continues to live with integrity of heart and consistency of his beliefs never forgetting the Source of his accomplishments.

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